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What started 4 years ago as a once in a lifetime surf/fishing trip has developed into much more. In 2016, a group of friends from Wyoming made their way south towing a 19 foot Boston Whaler (The Black Pearl) with dreams of sunshine, salt water, big fish, and new experiences. For the entire month of November, the team traveled without a plan up and down the Baja peninsula fishing and surfing as much as possible. Through conversations with locals and a lot of trial and error, they got on fish and made some unforgettable memories but when the trip was over there was still a desire for more. They felt as though they hadn’t reached the potential of what Baja has to offer.


For the next year, the boys re-read their notes from the year before, looking into the different bits of information that they had picked up from all sorts of people throughout their preliminary trip. “Magdalena Bay” was a name that came up a few times, and based on fish migrations and fishing reports it seemed like the right place to be for the month of November. With that, they had their plan for year 2: Mag Bay or bust!


After 40 hours of driving split over 3 days, the boys arrived with The Pearl to Puerto San Carlos in Magdalena Bay. They stopped at the first place in town that had food and beer which happened to be Villas Mar y Arena where the boys were greeted by the owner, Fito Gonzalez. After some great food and a few beers, Fito offered the boys a place to pitch their tent right on the water in front of his hotel, but he didn’t want money he wanted fish. Now the pressure was on!


The first day offshore made the whole trip worth it. Within a few hours the boys had encountered numerous schools of marlin and wahoo attacking bait balls and managed to get a few in the boat. It was at that time that they knew they’d found something special. Throughout the remainder of that month the team decided there was no reason to leave Magdalena Bay, so they remained there in their tent on the beach fishing as much as possible.

As the relationship with Fito developed, it became obvious that there was a serious opportunity to start a fishing operation out of Mar Y Arena.  This upcoming fall will be our first official season. We will be running a 31 foot Ocean Master for off-shore fishing. This boat will maximize efficiency and comfort and is the perfect tool for navigating the water around Mag Bay. The inshore boat is a 22 foot Scout, a great boat for inside the bay and fishing the rock structures that surround the mouths. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the start of our first season. Los Locos is extremely honored to be able to share this outstanding fishery with you.

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