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Mornings normally start off cold ~50°F (Its feels colder while running offshore) and temps warm up throughout the day ~80° F. The boats are dry for the most part but it’s not uncommon to get splashed. It sounds crazy to bring Jackets/warm clothes to Mexico but you'll be thankful you did.

  • Jacket/Fleece Rain Jacket

  • Non cotton layers

  • Sun Shirts

  • Quick dry pants

  • Shorts/Bathing suit

  • Polarized Sunglasses

  • Hats, Buff

Fishing Gear

Mexico customs allows you to bring 4 rods and 4 reels per person and any additional reels/rods will be taxed 19%. Lines should have a heavy core 50 lbs +, rods should be fast action, reels should be overbuilt. Please notify us if you do not have proper gear and we will rent out ours when you arrive.

All the needed flies are all tied in-house but again a lot of people like tying their own flies. Blue over white deceivers 6-10” is what we use the majority of the time but tan over white, black, pink/white, all work. For the marlin make sure your hooks are heavy duty, Gamakatsu SL12s 8/0 is our preferred hook but have had good success on Owner Akis as well.

  • Selection of medium- large baitfish flies 8-14 weight rods/reels/line

  • Leader material 40, 60, 80 lb

  • Pliers/ Nippers


at a store on the way from the airport if desired)

  • Toiletries

  • Day pack (ideally waterproof)

  • Motion sickness medicine

  • Masks/Snorkel (to swim with the marlin)


You can either rent a car and drive to Puerto San Carlos or reach out to arrange transportation.

Airport recommendations:
Loreto - 2 hours
La Paz - 3 hours
Cabo - 5 hours

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