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What makes Magdalena Bay unique as a fishing destination is the variety of fishing tactics an angler can choose from to target countless species in different scenarios and environments. With fantastic inshore and offshore options, guests will leave wishing they had more time to explore the endless potential of this enthralling, world class, fishery.


Mangroves: Inside the bay are countless mangrove systems, many of which, see very little, if any, sport fishing pressure.  This region offers 100’s of miles of mangrove systems where anglers can target species on fly rods and light spin tackle. While using the tide to drift, anglers float and cast to mangrove structures that offer cover for aggressive ambush attacks from large snook, grouper, snapper and many other species.


Roosters: Mag Bay is home to healthy Rooster Fish numbers and depending on the day and tide they can be targeted either from a boat or from land. Anglers have the ability to fish for this aggressive species using fly rods, light spin tackle, and conventional setups.

Jigging: Inside Magdalena Bay, the Bay of Clams, and Santa Maria Bay (to the west) there are many productive rocks, high points, shipwrecks, and structures that offer great jigging opportunities to anglers in 50-200 feet of water. Species to target include: yellowtail, grouper, white sea bass, snapper, amberjack, sierra mackerel, jack crevalle and african pompano.


Based in Puerto San Carlos, we have the ability to go offshore on a daily basis depending on weather, swell, and the angler’s desires.  During our season we expect daily encounters with giant feeder schools of striped marlin, aggressively hunting sardine and mackerel bait balls. This natural phenomenon truly provides guests with world class fishing opportunities and gives anglers the chance to sight fish to feeding marlin, wahoo, sailfish, and mahi mahi using fly rods and spin tackle.

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