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Puerto San Carlos is a very modest fishing town in the northern corner of the bay. It is home to a community that makes their livelihood off the ocean. San Carlos is an extremely friendly, safe and welcoming town with happy locals, sand streets and delicious food.


Magdalena Bay is located on the western coast of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The bay at its widest point stretches a vast 31 miles, and is protected from the Pacific Ocean by a large island chain, notably Isla Magdelana and Isla Santa Margarita. This buffer from the Pacific creates a haven, and consequently, a vastly diverse inshore, embayment ecosystem.


The off shore ecosystem that is fed by the nutrient rich water that pours out of the Bay is even more exciting and dynamic then its inshore counterpart. The Pacific Ocean, immediately outside the Bay is teaming with massive bait balls, hungry pelagic fish species, and plenty of deep water bottom topography to provide habitat for a myriad of species. The notable ocean floor structures include the continental shelf, Thetis Bank, Pinnacle Rock, and Petrel Bank, all easily accessible from Los Locos’  base out of Villas Mar y Arena Eco Hotel in Puerto San Carlos.


The bay is home and migratory habit for an immense variety of birds, marine mammals, fish, sea turtles, mollusks and many other organisms.  Bahia Magdelana is matched in rich species diversity by an extensive variety of fish holding habitat. From endless brackish, mangroves systems and sand flats, to wide inlets, wrecks and deep water structure the bay offers a perfect recipe for an inshore saltwater dream.  Mag bay is also lucky enough to have the last piece of the puzzle to perfection; there is little to no sport fishing pressure and besides the fishing town of Puerto San Carlos, its shores are virtually uninhabited.

Magdalena Bay Docks
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